Information for our 2017-2018 Youth Program.

Schedule and Registration

Youth Program Schedule 2017-2018

Please register via online registration form.


New Student Registration Fee: $125
Returning Student Registration Fee: $75
New Pre-Ballet Student Registration Fee: $75
Returning Pre-Ballet Student Registration Fee $50
Tuition Schedule:

One Payment
Two Payments
First PaymentSecond Payment
(One class per week)
$780 $440$440
(Two classes per week)
LEVEL I$2,156$1,128$1,128
LEVEL II$3,900$2,000$2,000
LEVEL III$4,301$2,200.50$2,200.50
LEVEL IV A$4,504.50$2,302.25$2,302.25
LEVEL IV B.$4,672$2,386$2,386
LEVEL V$5,460$2,780$2,780
LEVEL VI$5,616$2,858$2,858

Other fees

Show Participation: $125-$175

Costume rental-purchase: $60-150 for group dances

Soloist and principal costume rental-purchase: $75 and up

Pre-ballet costume will be purchased, by the parent, through the school and students will be allowed to keep the costume after the close of the show.