Class Schedule

Program introduction

Our children's program introduces students to the basic elements of ballet. The focus is on establishing a solid ballet foundation
Students will express themselves through movements and improvised stories in different musical rhythms. Classes are designed to develop musicality, coordination and attention to improve motor skills. Introduction of exercises that are necessary for the foundation of classical ballet that will also helps develop the habits of learning and repeating more complex movements. 

This division is for our young dance students, approximately ages 3-8, who are exploring their love of dance and movement. These classes are always fun, but are also educational, structured and learning-based. Our nurturing staff teach ballet rhythm, music, movement, coordination and creativity. 

LEVEL 1-2 
Students are introduced to ballet vocabulary, basic technique and class etiquette. including barre,center work technique
They will acquire knowledge about the foundation of classical ballet. Classes are designed to promote awareness of a correct posture of the body along with development of attention and the habits of learning simple combinations.

This level is designed to emphasis and reinforced the basic ballet foundation. Contributes to continue developing the correct technique and to strengthening the mind and the body. New challenges and difficult steps are introduced at this level with the expectation of maturity in the understanding of concepts and application. 

Continuing to build on ballet technique, our young dancers program emphasizes more advanced ballet movements, grace and fluidity. Our young dancers program is composed on junior division, ages 10 and up. These students have a solid foundation in ballet and are working to master more complicated steps, elaborate variations and performance quality. This class also works on combining ballet steps at a fluent pace.Benefits at this level include Parent/Teacher end-of-year evaluations and guidance with Youth America Grand Prix competitions World Ballet Competition or any other competition the students will be expected to represent the school with proper deportment, technical skills and artistic merit, as well as serve as a role model to our youngest generation. 

This divisions is to train the serious student who has strong aspirations of dancing at the fullest of their individual potential level. Dancers will need to attend a placement class to determine their proper level. The expectations from the teachers and the students are high in this divisions. Attendance is vital. Focus, commitment and discipline are necessary to succeed in this division. Students will be required to take a specified number of classes per week. The discipline of taking dance class every day at this levels compares to those around the globe. Our goal for dancers in the junior true pre professional Division is to compete with this level of training. Classes offered include: Ballet/Pointe, Pre-Pointe, Variations, Conditioning, , Contemporary. Benefits at this level include Parent/Teacher end-of-year evaluations. And guidances with Youth America Grand Prix competitions, WORLD BALLET COMPETITION or any other competition which the students will be expected to represent the school with proper deportment, technical skills and artistic merit, as well as serve as a role model to our youngest generation.