Program introduction


PRE BALLET (Age 3 to 6)

Our children's program introduces students to the basic elements of ballet. The focus is on establishing a solid ballet foundation Students will express themselves through movements and improvised stories in different musical rhythms. Classes are designed to develop musicality, increase coordination and improve fine motor skills.  As our students learn movement sequences necessary for the foundation of classical ballet, they will also be actively developing memory recall and core strength.

LEVEL 1-2 (Age 7+)

Students are introduced to ballet vocabulary and basic technique on the barre as well as center work. Classes are designed to promote awareness of a correct body posture, memory recall, core strength and flexibility.

LEVEL 3 (Age 9+)

This level is designed to emphasize and reinforce the lessons from the foundation ballet classes. Students continue developing correct ballet technique, flexibility, core strength and memory recall. New challenges like more complex choreography and pointe technique is introduced at this level.


LEVEL IV (Age 10+ or by assessment)

Dancers continue to build on ballet technique and expression. Students have a solid foundation in ballet and are working to master more complicated steps, elaborate variations and performance quality. This class also works on combining ballet steps at a fluent pace. Other benefits at this level include Student Year-End Evaluations and guidance with Youth America Grand Prix, World Ballet Competition or other competitions where the dancers are expected to represent the school with proper deportment, technical skills and artistic merit.

LEVEL V / VI / VII (By assessment)

These divisions train the serious student who has strong ballet aspirations and are dedicated to reaching their full potential. Dancers will need to attend a placement class to determine their proper level. Teachers have high expectations and attendance is vital. Focus, commitment and discipline are necessary to succeed in this division. Students will be required to take a specified number of classes per week. Our goal for dancers in the Junior and Pre professional Division is to compete in competitions and perform on stage. Classes offered include: Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, Conditioning Floor/Barre Stretch, and Contemporary Dance. There will be Student Year-End Evaluations. Additional guidance with competitions such as Youth America Grand Prix competitions, World Ballet Competition are available and accessible to our students. During competitions, students will be expected to represent the school with proper deportment, technical skills and artistic merit, as well as serve as  a role model to our younger generation.

Schedule and Registration

Youth Program Schedule 2018-2019